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Knowledge: For several years I havevolunteered at a non-profit organization that works in cooperation with the Attorney General of Massachusetts to mediate consumer complaints.

Real World Advice : In my years working with clients, I found that people wasted too much time trying to understand the law. Knowing the law may be interesting, but it is not very useful, even if you are a lawyer.

The fact is that you need a lawyer to make the law work for you, and in most cases you have to go to court. That costs a lot of money. Most debts are not worth it.

This site focuses on things that you can do about your debt without going to a lawyer. For example, there are templates for letters to send throughout the site. With the exception of bankruptcy, which is an underused tool for dealing with overwhelming debt, lawyers will not be worth the expense.

Federal Law : There are a few legal facts that are useful to know (for example the F.D.C.P.A. - Fair Debt Collection Practices Act gives you a way to keep collection agents from bothering you, a law most people do not know about). I also deal with debt errors (which are all too common), including old debt long forgotten about, but resurrected.

Experience: I can tell you cost-effective procedures for stopping debt collection, dealing with adverse credit reports, making settlements of legitimate debts. I wasted a lot of time on procedures that did not work, and developed some that worked very well.

In addition to dealing with debt problems, I have learned a lot about mortgages, credit cards, interest rates, credit reporting agencies, improving your credit rating and other financial issues.  I have distilled out the most useful things - these tips can help you get a mortgage or credit card on the best terms with the lowest possible interest rates.  They will show you how to use the credit card companies to deal with vendors who have caused you problems.  And much more.

I am not a lawyer and do not give legal advice. I can tell you what has worked in cases I have handled and help you decide what you might do that is best for you.

Volunteer Run : The site is run by Jack Edmonston who provides the content and Terri Edmonston who handles everything else in her spare time. The purpose of the site is first and foremost to be helpful to others. We also would like to cover costs, therefore the site sells books and advertising. The advertising is like that of any website or magazine that you read. It is simply paid advertising, we do not specifically endorse any advertiser on the site.

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We do not collect names or any private information from visitors to this site. We watch our traffic via aggregate weblogs, which means we know generally how many people visit and from where. We do not collect, buy, rent or share personally identifiable information.

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