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Jacks Simple Guide to Managing Debt

Jack's Simple Guide to Managing Debt
by Jack Edmonston
Get the most important information from in a printable download. Plus the bonus "Just Say Goodbye " phone script.

What People Say:


"Jack's Simple Guide to Managing Debt" made it all seem so simple. I looked up my type of debt, and followed the directions. And now the phone has finally stopped ringing!

- Ruth, Springfield MA


The phone script was great, I left it by the phone and knew exactly what to say back to the jerk on the other end.

- Dan, Phoenix AZ


Know Your Rights

Learn about the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). This law sets strict limits on the debt collection agencies, which they often ignore. If you know what the law says, you won’t fall for their lies.

This law applies to debt collection agencies, but not to the original lendor/creditor. Here are some of the things that it explicitly prevents debt collectors from doing:

- Lie, threaten violence, insult or verbally abuse you.


-Call repeatedly in a day or before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m.


-Contact your employer (except in the case of child support)


-Contact your colleagues, friends or family to discuss your debts


-Make false statements – for example that they will seize your assets and send you to jail.


There is much more than the FDCPA does to protect you, the consumer. You can wade through the federal website, or Save time by reading the simple answers in this eBook.

In “Jack's Simple Guide to Managing Debt” you will get:

- A Script to of answers to the vulture collectors lies.

- Sample Letters to send, e.g. "Cease and Desist"

- FAQs about the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act in easy to read and understand language

The money you spend on this book will save you time, energy and most of all stress.

Everything you need to know about the debt collection industry is here. Find out what the people on the other end of the phone don’t want you to know. You will have copies of the laws that protect YOU at your side. Take care of yourself, and take care of your debt.

Keep It On Your Shelf
More information, easier to read, and it's yours.

While almost all of the information in this ebook is available on my website,, my eBook "Jack's Simple Guide to Managing Debt" has extra benefits:

More information than available online, including the bonus phone script.

Much easier to read format, the eBook is designed to be printed out on regular paper in a newsletter style design.

Print it out and share it with that family member that needs the information, even though they'd never admit it.

It's yours, there when you need it.



As a consumer advocate, I help people say goodbye to unscrupulous, agressive debt collectors. There are simple, legal ways to stop the debt collection agencies in their abusive and often illegal behavior.

In “Jack's Simple Guide to Managing Debt” I’ll tell you exactly what your rights are, and how you can get the creditors off your back.

First, let me tell you that you are not alone. I've talked to people in the same situation. You feel anger at the unceasing letters, worry about the future, and guilt when you hang up the phone. I’m here to tell you, you don’t have to feel this way. I can help you make a positive change.

My ebook “Jack's Simple Guide to Managing Debt” is an easy guide to dealing with creditors and personal debt problems.

  • Get creditors off your back NOW
  • Stop the harassing phone calls
  • Learn vulture collector’s secret tricks and how to foil them
  • Get a pre-written letter to the collectors than you can use immediately
  • Have a script sitting by your phone, that tells you exactly what to say to tell those creditors good-bye!


Beware of anyone offering easy debt solutions or good debt advice

They are usually selling something. They promise to help you take care of your debts, reduce your debts, or consolidate your debts. All for a fee.

I have talked to many people who paid a lot of money to these services and ended up with nothing. Don�t waste your time.

There are only a few debt solutions that work. They are all on this web site, or in the book. In sum, here they are. This is debt advice you can count on.

  1. If the debt is small, old, or wrong (and not secured by your car or house), you can usually blow it off. You can use the �cease and desist� letters on this site to get the debt collectors off your back. Then the only thing they can do is take you to court, and most creditors won�t bother (there are exceptions) if the amount is not worth the legal fees, of if they do not have a good record of the debt that will stand up in court.
  2. If your debts are large but not beyond your capacity to pay, a debt management plan from the Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies (I do not recommend any other such organization) may be the best thing to do. They can consolidate your debt and stop all interest charges and late fees.
  3. If your debts are beyond your ability to pay, you need to look at bankruptcy. It�s the only reasonable solution. With chapter 7, you can wipe out all of your unsecured debts (like credit card debt). With chapter 13, you can stop foreclosures, reduce your credit card debt (and other unsecured debt) to pennies on the dollar, and package up your unpaid mortgage bills for payout over time.
That�s all the debt advice you need, really. The rest is details. And they�re all available in this book.

Don’t let emotions get in the way of solutions.

You are facing difficult problems, and it seems easier to ignore them than to deal with them. Although you might feel overwhelmed, ignoring the situation will only make it worse. Let me help you to stand back from the negative emotions that prevent you from taking action.

Personal debt is NOT a personal failure.

Let me tell you what I’ve heard time and time again from the people who have come to me for help. You were doing just fine, paying bills, making ends meet, getting by. Then something happens and you get behind in your bills. Some common reasons I've heard:

  • I lost my job, and couldn’t find a new one for four months
  • My employer cut my hours down
  • My car broke down and I had to get a new one just to get to work
  • My son got sick, and we had no health insurance
  • My roommate moved out without paying his share of the rent or the utilities

These are just a few of the very valid reasons people find themselves on the bad side of the credit game. In the end it doesn’t matter why you need help. Financials problems come to us all at one time or another.

Ignoring the Problem Won't Work

Once problems start, it’s all too human to procrastinate dealing with it. You watch the bills make a larger and larger pile on your kitchen table, and finally you face it and move them to your desk next to the computer, you are going to deal with it. You know that it’s going to be hard to pay them all. Making the decisions about which to pay and which to put off is painful. So you ignore it, and then the phone starts to ring.

Debt Collectors Cannot be Trusted

The threatening letters have turned into threatening calls. Now you are tense every time the phone rings. These guys are NOT nice people. They will abuse you and (often) lie to you. They call you 10 times a day, at home and at work. Here are some common tactics used by some debt collectors:

  • They threaten to take you to court when they have no intention of taking you to court.
  • They tell you that your credit rating will be destroyed and you’ll never get a loan again when they know very well that credit can be restored, even after bankruptcy.
  • They call you a deadbeat, and tell you they'll attach your paycheck if you don't pay up
  • They threaten to call your employer and make trouble, and that you'll loose your job.

Sound familiar? Don't Listen. They're Lying.


These aggressive debt collectors don’t just threaten, they are smooth-talking snakes. “Just send what you can and we’ll stop” they say. “Why don’t you give me your bank account number and I’ll take care of everything for you.” They promise. These people will do anything to get your money. They never stop talking and never let you hang up.

The Solution

You think about calling a lawyer, maybe even about filing for bankruptcy. Does it need to be that drastic? You look online for answers – and there is so much information! How do you know which answer is the one that will solve YOUR problems?

I want to help. I wrote Ask Jack About Debt’s eBook “Jack's Simple Guide to Managing Debt” for you. You have the right to peace of mind, don’t let the debt collectors take it from you.


BONUS SECTION Only in the eBook

Not only do you get all the benefits of an eBook when you order your copy of “Jack's Simple Guide to Managing Debt”, but I’ve included bonus information that isn’t available anywhere else! You’ll get my special “Just Say Goodbye ” phone script. You can keep this page by your phone, ready to help you with any obnoxious calls from collectors.

Buy “Jack's Simple Guide to Managing Debt” With bonus sections for the low price of just $10.00 and start a new life without fear of the vulture collectors.

Everything that's on the site and MORE

Ask Jack About Debt’s “Jack's Simple Guide to Managing Debt” eBook contains all of the information available on this website, plus the bonus section "Just Say No" phone script. While you can use this site for free, the benefits of having the PDF versiontable of contents:

  • Get Creditors off Your Back NOW - The quickest way to stop the harassing phone calls.
  • Repairing or Improving your Credit - How to avoid the scam artists and improve your own credit for the cost of postage, AND how to get your credit report.
  • Credit Score - Everyone has a credit score. Make yours as good as it can be.
  • Original Creditor Debts - What to do when your debt is owed to the original lender, for example a store or a credit card.
  • Collection Agency - What to do when Vulture collector’s have bought your debt
  • Old Debts - Debts over 5 years old play by slightly different rules, find out why
  • Multiple Debts - More debts than you can handle? Strategies for simplifying your payments.
  • Secured Debt - Debts that have been secured by a car or a house must be handled with special care.
  • Bankruptcy - I explain the basics and what it will mean to your future.
  • Identity Theft - The steps you need to take to protect your credit and take back your name
  • Credit Counseling Services - I recommend how to find a good one and what you can expect from them.
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act - Frequently asked questions and simple answers on what this law means for you.
  • Sample Letters - I've written the letters for you, all you have to do is enter in your personal information, and send theses letters by certified mail.
  • BONUS SECTION: "Just Say Goodbye " Phone Script. Be prepared ahead of time to know what type of illegal statements debt collectors frequently make on these phone calls, and what you can say in return.

Buy your copy of "Jack's Simple Guide to Managing Debt" today, and don't waste another minute worrying!

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