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Fair Debt Collection

Just send this letter, and you can be free! You have an overdue debt, you have been getting letters and phone calls, you feel harassed and don't know what to do. Well take heart! In most cases this simple letter (below) will get the creditors off your back.

Why does this work? Because debt collection is regulated in the U.S. However, even though the government has set up rules to protect you the consumer, many collectors ignore the rules and use harassment techniques. This letter lets them know that YOU know your rights. Please note, this solution will not fix any dings on your credit rating, see the bottom of the page for more information.


1. Copy and paste the letter below, and FILL IN your specific details.

2. Keep a copy and send it certified mail, return receipt requested.



TO: [[ name and address of collection agency ]]

FROM: [[ your name and address ]]

RE ACCOUNT NUMBER: [[ account number if relevant. It should be on any letter you have received from collection agency ]]

BALANCE DUE: [[ amount ]]

You are herby notified, under provisions of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, that your services are no longer desired.

1. You and your organization must CEASE AND DESIST all attempts to collect the above debt. Failure to comply with this law will result in my immediate filing of a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and the Attorney General of [[insert name of your state]].

2. Let this letter also serve as your warning that I may utilize telephone recording devices in order to document any conversations that we may have in the future.

3. Furthermore, if any negative information is placed on my credit bureau reports by your agency after receipt of this notice, I intend to pursue any and all remedies available to me by law by means of civil suits against you and your organization, both personally and corporately.

Since is it my policy neither to recognize nor deal with collection agencies, I will discuss this account only with the original creditor.


[[ your name and signature]]

3. That's it! If they keep contacting you - depending on the situation - they are most likely in violation of Federal Law.


Additional Information:

Your credit has been "dinged", but you should check the three major Credit Reporting Agencies to be sure. Now that you've been dinged, there's nothing else they can do to you. That's why, no matter what, my advice is that you do not talk to anyone from a collection agency, ever. They are experts at double talk and separating people from their money. You cannot trust anything they say. You should never deal with them.

Remember, collection agencies are federally regulated and you can stop them from contacting you. For details on what collection agencies may do, see "Fair Debt Collection Practices Act".

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