Credit score quiz helps explain how to keep yours high

This twelve question quiz covers the main points of credit scores and will help you manage your own score to get the […]; . . . → Click Here to Read the Full Article

Some lenders now giving mortgages to those who have been through financial disasters

About $5 billion worth of mortgages will be loaned out this year to those who have recently been through foreclosure, short sale or bankruptcy according to the Wall Street Journal.

Smaller, non-bank lenders have moved into this […]; . . . → Click Here to Read the Full Article

Reverse mortgages tougher to get

The ads on TV tell you that you never have to leave your house. “A lifetime of income,” says one. But it’s not totally true. If you fail to pay your home insurance or your property […]; . . . → Click Here to Read the Full Article

Credit recovery after foreclosure

Those who lost homes in foreclosure are coming back into the market as credit ratings improve.

A foreclosure can ruin your credit and make it impossible for you to get a mortgage. But the report of a […]; . . . → Click Here to Read the Full Article

New credit scores method will help some who cannot now get credit

FICO scores are used in the issuance of 90% of all loans in the United States. But Fair Isaac, the company that creates the FICO score does not have enough information to do scores for about […]; . . . → Click Here to Read the Full Article

Fannie and Freddie make it easier to stay in your home when foreclosure threatens

The two largest insurers of home loans, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, have decided to sell more of their delinquent mortgages to private investors willing to foreclose. At the same time they have set new rules […]; . . . → Click Here to Read the Full Article

Subprime loans are back!

The Wall Street Journal reports that, “Almost four of every 10 loans for autos, credit cards and personal borrowing in the U.S. went to subprime customers during the first 11 months of 2014…. That amounted to […]; . . . → Click Here to Read the Full Article

New rules for Income-Based Repayment of student debt make repayment easier

The Obama administration changed the rules for “Income Based Repayment” (IBR) of student debt in 2010 and more students have begun to take advantage of this system. Undergraduate students who elect this form of repayment can […]; . . . → Click Here to Read the Full Article

Free FICO scores becoming much easier to get

Fair Isaac corporation says its FICO credit rating score is used in 90% of credit transactions in America. A good score makes a big difference in whether or not you will be granted credit, and at […]; . . . → Click Here to Read the Full Article

Now it’s easier to get a lower rate on your mortgage

Most people do not shop around very much when they get a mortgage. In fact about half ask only one lender for a rate, and three quarters apply to only one lender.

This can cost you a […]; . . . → Click Here to Read the Full Article