Time to refinance your college loans?

According to the Wall Street Journal, banks, credit unions and other lenders are more willing to refinance student loans than they have been.  In addition, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) says that low interest rates make this [...]; . . . → Click Here to Read the Full Article

Small charges latest trick by cyber thieves

Cyber crime has become big business.  From the NY Times:

“If you want a good scare, take a look at the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse’s interactive chronology of United States data breaches.
A full search since the beginning of [...]; . . . → Click Here to Read the Full Article

9.3 million homes still “deeply underwater”

While total foreclosure actions (notices of default, scheduled auctions and bank repossessions) were down 26% in 2013 according to Realty Trac; there were still 1.36 million properties in the foreclosure process during the year.

Not only that, [...]; . . . → Click Here to Read the Full Article

HAMP program cutting interest rates for many

The Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) helps homeowners whose mortgage exceeds the market value of their home. It allows them to get lower interest rates; and, after a lot of resistance from the banks, it seems [...]; . . . → Click Here to Read the Full Article

Stolen credit card or debit card information: your options

The recent theft of data for millions of cards at Target raises once again the question of what you can do to protect yourself.   The answer is that after the fact your options are limited, but [...]; . . . → Click Here to Read the Full Article

Debt collectors punished for violating Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)

A law passed in 1991 designed to end expensive, unwanted calls to cell phones is now being used to win awards from debt collectors.

The TCPA forbids prerecorded calls to residential land lines without consent.  It has [...]; . . . → Click Here to Read the Full Article

Banks keep screwing up foreclosure practices, despite agreements not to

More than a year ago, five banks agreed to pay $25 billion and improve their foreclosure practices.  Now, Bank of America, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo and Ally Financial have been cited by federal regulators [...]; . . . → Click Here to Read the Full Article

Bankruptcy can increase your student debt!

Bankruptcy is designed to decrease your debt when you have become financially unable to keep up with it all. In some cases, like credit card debt, the whole debt will be wiped out. [...]; . . . → Click Here to Read the Full Article

Banks screw up mortgages and ignore bankruptcy rulings

The New York Times columnist, Gretchen Morgenson, reported two examples of judges losing patience with mortgage lenders. In one situation, in Boston, federal Judge Young felt that he had to dismiss a case in which [...]; . . . → Click Here to Read the Full Article

FHA-guaranteed mortgage: new rules for home loss

If you lost your home during the recession (either through foreclosure or “short sale”), or went bankrupt; and you can show that your problems were caused by a job loss, or reduction in income that was [...]; . . . → Click Here to Read the Full Article