Flat to down for house prices in more expensive markets.

Of the roughly 30 top housing markets (those with median house prices of $300 or more) all but three are forecast to have a downturn in prices in 2006.

Hawaii (which is number one in median value), Boulder Colorado and Seattle are the only three high priced markets that should show any price growth according to this forecast by Fiserv Lending Solutions, a provider of mortgage and consumer lending services.

Fiserv says that the biggest drop will be in Las Vegas real estate, which will tumble a whopping 8.2 percent in 2006, the largest predicted fall among the 379 metro areas studied.

Most of the other markets will have much smaller drops, or an increase.

If you live in one of the declining markets, this is probably not a good time to be cashing in your (declining) equity with additional or larger mortgages.

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