Compliants against debt collectors hit new highs.

Figures from the Bureau of Consumer Problems at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) show that complaints against debt collectors have risen to a new high, 66,000 in 2005. That’s up more than 20,000 in the last couple of years.

As we say in many places on this site, we recommend that you never deal with debt collectors. If you have a real debt negotiate it with the original creditor, or if you have multiple debts, use consumer credit counseling service.

The main site is loaded with information on how to deal with debt and debt collectors and we won’t repeat it here, except this one fact:

According to the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, you can send any debt collector a “CEASE AND DESIST” letter. Once they get that letter they may not contact you any more, except to tell you they are taking action against you in court, which they very seldom do unless your debt is quite large.

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