Think you might be victim of identity theft?

The first thing you should do, immediately, is place a “fraud alert” on your account at the three major credit reporting agencies.

With the recent theft of computers containing names and social secuirty nunbers of millions of veterans and others, this issue is confronting more people than ever.

The FTC has set up procedures that can help. And the single most important and simplest thing to do is to placing a fraud alert on your account for 90 days.

The procedure is simple. Contact the fraud departments of any one of the three consumer reporting companies to place a 90-day fraud alert on your credit report. The fraud alert tells creditors to contact you before opening any new accounts or making any changes to your existing accounts.

You only need to contact one of the three companies to place an alert. The company you call is required to contact the other two, which will place an alert on their versions of your report, too. Once you place the fraud alert in your file, you’re entitled to order free copies of your credit reports, and, if you ask, only the last four digits of your Social Security number will appear on your credit reports.

Numbers are Equifax, (800) 525-6285. Experian (888) 397-3742. TransUnion (800) 680-7289.

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