Countrywide forecloses on one hand, and throws money at bankers with the other.

Despite the total meltdown of the US mortage industry, and with record foreclosure rates being set every month, Countrywide, one of the biggest in the business, continued its annual tradition of rewarding its bankers with a lavish, over the top, all expenses paid “meeting.”

This year, says the WSJ, the meeting is at the Ritz-Carlson Bachelor Gulch Ski Resort in Avon Colorado, where a room with a view costs $965 a night.

When they are not skiing (paid for by Countrywide), guests can enjoy Kobi steak with Wasabi mashed potatoes at Spago retaurant. Countrywide will pay the $105 for the entree, plus the wine and dessert and coffee and everything else!

While at the meeting no one will have to think about Countrywide’s 90,000 loans in foreclosure or the 11,400 people they have laid off since July. Don’t want to spoil the bribery — whoops, I mean fun!

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