For some people, self-help groups focusing on debt may be good way to get it under control.

A recent Wall Street Journal article interviewed people who had used self-help groups to help them get their debt under control. As one person (who recovered from $25,000 in credit card debt and arrears in his car and mortgage loans) put it: “What helped me most was the discovery that I was not alone.”

The oldest and largest association of self-help debt groups in America is Debtors Anonymous, a so-called twelve-step program modeled on the principles developed initially for Alcoholics Anonymous. Their web site is “” It has a lot of information, including connections to meetings around the country. If there is no meeting near you, then you might join one of their online or phone meetings. They have a list.

If you want something different, there is a web site that lets you find meetings or groups by subject: I checked it out and found very few meetings on the subject of debt. There was someone within 30 miles of my town who wanted to find other people to start a group. You’ll have better luck at Debtors Anonymous.

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