Central site for foreclosure prevention scammers?

A BLOG on foreclosure prevention came up in an ad next to an email I was preparing in gmail.  The ad promised to tell me if I qualified for the president’s mortgage modification program.   I clicked through and found some general rules for the program about earnings, etc.  I then clicked on something that said it would tell me if I qualified.

That link took me to a site with the words “Loan Modification” as part its name and url. Pretty site.  Testimonials.  And a form to fill out. Give them your information and they will connect you to the loan modification counselors that would be right for you. There was never a mention of money, but there was one telltale sentence at top of the site that explained they had NO affiliation of any kind with the government. The only sites I trust, DO have some affiliation with the government and do not charge for their service.
When a site says they are not affiliated, that indicates to me that the site is probably a front for companies (maybe only one company pretending to be many) that want you to pay them to modify your loan.

As we have reported before, these fee-for-service modification companies seldom get the job done, but they do take your money.  We DO NOT recommend you use such sites site, and we wish Google would create a system for vetting its advertisers.

If you need loan modfication, you can get it FREE with government-sponsored agencies that can be found all over the country.  You should never, in my opinion, pay anyone for this service.

A list of local counselors who will help you (at no charge) with foreclosure prevention is available at www.HUD.gov/offices/hsg/sfh/hcc/hcs.cfm .

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