Foreclosure prevention help site. Be careful.

Foreclosure prevention help site.  Be careful.

I read in Wall Street Journal about a single form that one could use to apply for foreclosure prevention that was supposed to be available at a government site called “Making Home Affordable.”  I typed that into Google and the first listing was, so I went there looking for the form.

There is much to be said for the site.  It has ways for you to determine eligibility for loan modifications, a list of scams, a way to find out if your mortgage was bought by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac (which would make you eligible for refinancing even if your mortgage exceeds your current house value), a method for you to contact your current mortgage holder, and a link to a list of free foreclosure prevention counselors in every state.   BUT, I could not find any application forms.

So I went back to Google and there, on the right, in the ads section was a link for a “Making Home Affordable” application form.  I clicked on that, and to make a long story short, I think that it is a site for one of the commercial foreclosure prevention counselors masquerading as a government-sanctioned counselor.  These firms charge money for something you can get for free from thousands of legitimately licensed counselors around the country.  You do not need to pay for this service.

If you want to go directly to one of the HUD-licensed counseling agencies for free counseling and help, then use this link, type in your state and you will get a full list.  In most cases you will be surprised at how many there are in your area.
HUD Foreclosure Prevention Counseling

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