How to get really free credit reports

We’ve all seen those ads for “free” credit reports, but many of them are quite misleading.  They may send you a free credit report but they also sign you up for an annual subscription.  If you do not cancel the membership you have to pay a monthly fee.

If you don’t want an annual subscription, look first at, set up under federal law by the three major credit reporting agencies.  It provides you with a free report from each agency once a year.  Here’s a list of sites to check out with a brief explanation:

  • Credit Sesame (Experian National Equivalency Score);
  • Quizzle (free Experian credit report every six months; free “CE score” based on Experian report);
  • Credit Karma (two free scores: TransRisk New Account Score and VantageScore);
  • Equifax Credit Score Card (Equifax risk score);
  • 2 day report (free Experian credit report delivered electronically within 2 days) [click button on the LEFT];
  • American Express (free Experian credit report and score once a year for cardholders); and repeating first one:
  • (credit report from each of the major bureaus once a year).

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