Credit reports are free, but credit scores are not

I recently got an email from “Freescore 360″ that implied I could get free credit scores.

“Hi, Your July 2012 Credit Score Is Waiting For You.
Your Credit Score Might Been Updated…
View Your Credit..Score Below!”

They then showed a link to their web site, which I am not including because I checked it out and, as I suspected, the scores are not free.  It takes some searching to figure this out.  The name of the site is “Freescore” and they do not make any mention of money as you go through the pages giving info on yourself.  But if you click on “Terms” and wade through a lot of fine print, you will find out that if you sign up for a free credit score, you will also be subscribing to some sort of service with a monthly charge.

I think these sites should be honest and tell you that they are selling something.  I suggest that you avoid sites that are not clear on that point, right up front.

Remember you can get free credit reports (although not credit scores) once a year at

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