How to get a checking account when you can’t get a checking account

The banks have their own Credit Rating Agency and if you’re on the list you may not be able to open a checking account at most banks.  The agency is Chexsystems and this  web site ( has a lot of information on how they operate.  Here is an excerpt.

“If you have a history of bad credit, bounced checks, or unpaid debts you may already be familiar with the Chexsystems agency. If you haven’t heard of Chexsystems banks, or perhaps the system has flagged you for the first time, Chexsystems is an agency that monitors checking and savings accounts to help protect banks. Banks that use Chexsystems are subscribed to a network that provides information on customers who may have had trouble with bad checks and may cause financial trouble for the banks who set up savings or checking accounts for them.”

The site claims that you can get on the good side of Chexsystems if you find out what you did to get on the list (like overdraw an account and not make good on the overdraft), and fix it with the bank that reported you; although they admit this does not always work.

Another way to get an account is by going to a bank that does not use Chexsystems.  There is a list of these banks by state at (  I know people who have sidestepped bad Chexsystems reports by opening an account at a local bank that does not use them as a reference.

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