Small charges latest trick by cyber thieves

Cyber crime has become big business.  From the NY Times:

“If you want a good scare, take a look at the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse’s interactive chronology of United States data breaches.
A full search since the beginning of 2005 turns up 4,167 breaches that exposed 663,587,386 records of personal information. It is an incomplete list, perhaps by many millions, since thieves often extract information without victims ever knowing.”

Javelin Strategy and Research released the results of its latest annual study showing an amazing 13.1 million people in the United States have been the victims of cyber theft. The latest trick of the cyber crooks is a simple one:  Put a small charge on your card — often a specific amount like $8.98  — in hopes you won’t notice it.   Many people don’t and this has brought in untold millions.

You can never assume that your card is safe.   Make sure you check every statement carefully and report (immediately) any charges you do not understand, no matter how small.

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