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Jack Edmonston
Jack Edmonston

For several years I have volunteered at a non-profit organization that works in cooperation with the Attorney General of Massachusetts to mediate consumer complaints. This is a volunteer run, free mediation service, and does not offer legal services or enforce laws.

I specialized in cases dealing with consumer credit, debt and financing problems. Most of the time these cases were not big enough to justify the costs associated with hiring a lawyer. Consumers had limited options.
I learned cost-effective procedures for stopping debt collection, dealing with adverse credit reports, making settlements of legitimate debts. I wasted a lot of time on procedures that did not work, and developed some that worked very well.

In addition to dealing with debt problems, I learned a lot about mortgages, credit cards, interest rates, credit reporting agencies, improving your credit rating and other financial issues. I distilled out the most useful things  – and put them FREE for the general public –  on this site.

I am not a lawyer and do not give legal advice. I can tell you what has worked in cases I have handled and help you decide what you might do that is best for you.

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We’re a small site. Jack Edmonston provides the content and a good friend does the work of maintaining the site. The purpose of the site is first and foremost to be helpful to others. We also would like to cover costs, therefore we accept some advertising.